Friday, April 22, 2016

Colin by Stella Noir

Beauty is his obsession ... 

It started with the mannequin heads. 
They were my escape, my solace, my companions in the darkness. 
But the day came when they weren't enough. That's when I started taking the girls. 
But Avery? She's not like the others. 
She's beautiful -- so beautiful -- but I can't hurt her. 
I need to keep her with me ... forever. 
He should terrify me. 
I'm his prisoner. 
I've seen what he did to the others. How can I believe him when he says he won't hurt me? 
But there's more to him than darkness. There's a terrible sadness. 
And strange as it sounds, a kind of beauty. 
I wonder if I can ever make him see himself the way I do? 

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