Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Blood Rose Series Box Set by Caris Roane

Darkly sensual Mastyr Vampires battle an ancient foe while beautiful human, fae and shifter women are caught unwillingly by the Blood Rose phenomenon. Can love invade their lives while a nightmare rages? 
Enter a world of blood-starved mastyr vampires and the rare women who can satisfy their deepest needs… Gerrod, mastyr vampire of Merhaine Realm, never thought to have his blood-needs satisfied by a mere human. But Abigail is no ordinary woman. She stuns him with her telepathy as well as the richness of her blood. However, her human DNA makes her an unacceptable mate. Yet how can Gerrod turn her away when she alone has satisfied his blood-starvation for the first time in a hundred-and-fifty-years? 
When a blood rose enters Mastyr Ethan’s world, will he succumb to his wildest needs or lose her forever to an enemy intent on possessing her at all costs? Ethan, mastyr vampire of Bergisson Realm, never thought to find his blood rose, the one woman who could ease the blood-starvation he’s endured for decades. But Samantha carries a surprising level of power as her newly discovered fae heritage emerges. As desire rises, and Ethan finds himself drawn into the web of his driving, relentless need for Samantha, will he be able to embrace his blood rose or will his guilt over the past prevent him from living life to the fullest? 
Mastyr Quinlan pursues the artist, Batya, with only one thing in mind, yet discovers that his desire for her is just the beginning of an earth-shattering affair… Quinlan must keep Grochaire Realm safe from the enemy at all costs. As ruler of his realm, a woman has no permanent place in his day-to-day existence. But when his lust takes him to Batya’s bedroom, he soon discovers he’s deep into a powerful experience that threatens to blow his life apart. And as an ancient fae attacks Batya’s gallery, he launches into protector mode and quickly finds himself embroiled -- body, soul, and fangs -- with a woman he’d only meant to bed a couple of times. 
The Blood Rose Series has passionate, hot, paranormal romances, featuring vampires, werewolves and fae set in the world of the Blood Rose. Caris Roane is the author of eighty-one published works, thirty-one of which are paranormal romances featuring tortured warrior vampires in desperate need of worthy women. 

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