Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Over The Line by Franca Storm

Recently reformed wealthy playboy, Matt Hawley, was content with his newly uncomplicated life. Until a chance encounter with Rachel Whitman-the one that got away-reignites an obsession that he'd thought he'd buried long ago.
Innocent shy-girl, Rachel Whitman, was an expert at self-preservation. Her traumatic childhood had taught her an important lesson: never let them get too close. But when Matt Hawley is thrust back into her life, she is unable to resist his intense pull and her own burning desire. As he leads her down a path of desperate need and unbridled passion, the connection between them evolves into something much deeper than what either of them had intended.
But there is one thing standing in their way. A dangerous enemy with an even deadlier reputation: Matt's sociopathic older brother, Tommy.
Tommy's vendetta threatens to pull Matt back into the corrupt and twisted world of his former life. When he steps up his torment, Matt must fight to protect the one thing that he can't bear to lose: Rachel. He is forced to decide just how far he is prepared to go to protect the woman he loves.

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