Friday, March 18, 2016

Frantic by Casey L. Bond Review

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Porschia Grant is in Frenzy. The hunger is constant. It’s all-consuming, as is the pain and sickness. Something went wrong when she turned. Perhaps it was the fact that an infected bit her moments before, or maybe it’s something else entirely. 
One thing is certain, if Porschia can’t learn to feed, she will die. If she can’t learn to control her extreme emotional swings, she will kill someone. And that would destroy her. 
How long can the night-walkers keep her turning a secret from the Colony? Will Saul stand beside her now that she’s changed? And what will happen when she re-enters the forest? 

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Please read Frenzy before you read Frantic they really need to be read in order.
This is such a good story. It is a unique take one vamps and zombies in a dystopian world. As long as you don't like your vamps to sparkle cause you wont find that here.
Sometimes you read and can see the story play out and others it can feel like you are part of the story that is playing out. I really can envision this story with me in it and get the all the feels, I love that!
I am really liking all these characters. I am a total #TeamTage! I wanna see him with the girl but hey that's just me. The unique spin on Prochia's vampirism and how she "eats" is pretty cool. Her mom well she got what she deserved.. I am definitely more curious about the infected and their side though. I am stil curious about what Roman's intentions are. I don't see it being anything good though. I am very anxious to where Casey will take it in the next book.

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