Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Vacant Horizons by Yolanda Olson Review

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Purple did the one thing that Riley couldn't do. She survived Jaxton Whitlock and earned her freedom. Even though she was set free, she knew that it would come with a price. 

Every day she fights with the monster that was created inside of her. The monster that needs to be tamed the only way she knows how. 
The way Jaxton taught her. 
She managed to stay off of his radar for almost a year but he's found her again. She managed to get away for a short amount of time, but freedom never really is free, is it? 
Find out what happens to Purple when she comes face to face with the monster who made her one last time.
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If you like your books dark, and twisted, and deadly, and totally awesome you need to check out Yolanda Olson 
You have got to read Save Riley first! You just have to or it won't make any sense really.. I loved Save Riley. And I won't argue with getting more of Jaxton Whitlock wink emoticon Well except for the part that I wanted to scream at Yolanda!! AAHHH!! ok so this is more Purple's story and weather or not she can escape Jaxton, who is twisted, and demented, and all sorts of F****** up. I loved it, an yea it is dark and twisted.. Would have loved for it to be a bit longer but oh well. You could give us more Purple Yolanda