Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Feel free to discuss in the comments. Do you let reviews affect your book purchases?

Everyone had different views on reviewing books. I try to review everything I read. Sometimes i feel the review could be more. It can range from a few lines and a rating to a OMG I just can't stop writing type of review. All reviews are different and the way a book affects you is as well. Some are just easier to write more for and not spoil anything. 

I HATE spoilers! I try my hardest to write a review without spoilers. I have seen reviews being dropped just on grammatical errors alone. Unless there is so much I can't get through the book I try not to let grammatical errors affect my rating. I try to take notes on each book I read when I see an error and if there are more than say 5 I like to let the author know so they may fix them. I mean they are human.. We all make mistakes.

--These is how I rate books--
1 - just no....
2 - needs a lot of work
3 - liked the story, not something I could really get into, needs work
4 - was okay, might have a few things that could be changed
5 - loved the book, was something I would recommend, and something I could re-read

I have a lot of books I rate a 5. I think they definitely deserve them. 
If I have a DNF book It can range from a 2 or 3. Generally they are good books but its not something I can get into. Love me or hate me for this but, I will write the author and explain and decide from there if I post a review for those books. I mean really I didn't finish it cause I didn't care for it not because it is a bad book. That doesn't mean its not a 5 star book. Me giving it a low rating doesn't make sense if I didn't read much if any at all. 

Reviews are very helpful to authors. Just do drop a little something to show the author some love when you are done. Don't worry about how big or little it is. They all count. I talk from experience when I say they are very thankful to each and every person who does.