Tuesday, February 23, 2016

I do not get paid to blog... why should they get paid for my posts?

Have you ever wondered why pages keep posting if you can see them, to make sure you like and follow to get updates, to try and like + comment + and share posts? well if you do mot have a page this is what FB wants us to do. PAY to show people our posts.
That is why it is so important to stay active on pages. The more people that are active, FB will show more people. I know that sounds ridiculous, and it really is. But it's their rules and we can see who wants to roll in the dough.......

We all love FB but their rules suck! I am not the first to say that. whew.... I feel better now. I am so glad I got that out there.... Some people say well if you don't like it then leave FB. Thats a tough one. FB is the most active and the most used social media. Basically its the best to use. I also use other social media but get nowhere near the amount of followers I do with FB.

Funny thing, is even an ESTIMATED amount of likes that paying MIGHT bring! I'm sorry, I am a blogger and I do not get paid to do what I love. So I cannot afford to "boost" posts. I have to rely on my "fans" to come and support the page. YAY fans!

That is the reason I <3 each and every person that takes time to come to my page and interact. The readers looking for new books, the authors and street teamers who ask me to post something and come like that post and even others as well, the authors I do cover reveals and blog tours and such for who come and like those posts, the models and editors and cover designers and tour company's I try to tag when I can that come to like those posts. I love you all!! almost 3800 of you! I especially love the ones that come to my page! I will tell you I don't care if your a regular, just pop by once in a while and say Hi. I don't bite. I happen to think I am a pretty friendly person. So I may post a lot! But, I may post a lot. IT IS ALL book stuff though! I promise! And since it is a BOOK BLOG i suppose it is ok to post a lot of book stuff, right?

I also try to post for anyone who asks for it. And I FLOVE the ones who come back with a thank you and like what they asked me to post! that's not to much to ask is it? If you would like me to post at least come and like that post.. (most time people do)

this is what is shows us at the bottom of our posts. I think the highest I had is like 2600. That is a banner contest post. usually the contests and pimp posts have really high numbers. This pic is an average everyday post. They don't reach very far... and that is on the high side for who gets to see these posts. Not many of my 3770 fans huh... it is sad...

I really just HAVE to share this as well while I am at it! LOL well there is a nifty little bar on the side of a page that tells us our post reach. wanna see mine? ok, ok, I will let you have a peek!
you see that top number there, it fluctuates A LOT!

That is a AWESOME!! post reach for me. I think it is actually the highest it has been.. Now it is really weird that my post reach is higher than the amount of page likes. I still don't understand that. I think it is along the lines of when you like,comment, or share your friends see it to and if they do theirs see it and so on..... so yea.

Moral of the story here is PLEASE if you are going to "like" a page, please interact with that page at least some! I will not beg for interaction (although.. no better get that out of my head now), I will not say you have to, but it is nice! and greatly appreciated!

*This is my thought on my book blogging on FB*
keep in mind that not only blogs but ANY FB page has these issues mentioned here

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