Tuesday, February 9, 2016

90 Days by T.E. Ridener Review

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While her sister and future brother-in-law prepare for their wedding day, which is set to happen in three months, 24-year-old Laney McIntosh is barely holding her life together by a thread. 
She’s been forced to fake a smile for months for the sake of her family, but she isn’t so sure she can do it anymore. There are secrets she has kept and they will threaten to shatter the picture-perfect status they’ve finally achieved since her sister’s return. 
Through the ever-growing darkness in her mind there is one beacon of light that shines brighter than the rest: Benji, one of her sister’s best friends. 
Benji Palmer is a transgender man and he has his share of demons, but what he feels for Laney has only been growing stronger since the moment he met her. Despite his own struggles he wants nothing more than to make Laney happy and he’s determined to heal her heart. 
A lot of things can happen in 90 days. 
Good things. 
Bad things. 
Crazy things. 
Beautiful things. 
Will Laney and Benji finally get the happily-ever-after they’ve always wanted? 

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OMG! I had to go right into this one after reading 190 days. I love everything about Prairie Town. Just like the first book, this one is so good. I seriously can't get enough of these characters. I didn't cry like a baby reading this one it was still a heartfelt and emotional story. Besides just getting the average Prarie Town drama we get a little crazy added to the mix. I was really hoping Devin would get his. In a way, he does but I had mixed feeling about how it played out in the end. Laney and Benji both deserve a happy ending. I can't wait to see if Ags/Aggie gets hers/his... More Prairie Town! sign me up!! It won't get here fast enough.

This Story has more than one hard topic in it. Besides the trans gender you also have mental health issues. I can't believe how well the story comes together and how realistic the whole story is. I think that's why I truly love these books. They are so realistic and close to the heart.