Tuesday, January 12, 2016

From Ashes by Elise Faber Review

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Gabby has a secret. 

A secret that might get her kicked out of the only true home she’s ever known. 

When her powers malfunction and bring her into direct conflict with Mason — a widowed LexTal warrior who makes her heart pound and her legs weak — she scrambles to hold onto her carefully constructed world. 

Mason’s wounded past keeps him from getting close to anyone but he can’t resist Gabby. There’s an essence about her his soul can’t ignore no matter how much his mind protests.

Her secret threatens to tear Gabby and Mason apart before they’ve even begun to explore the draw between them. But with the unprecedented hold she has on Mason’s heart and magic, how can he bear to let her go? 

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This is the first book from Elise I have read. I have one other on my kindle and I think I am gonna have to hurry and read it! I personally don't think I missed anything by not reading her Phoenix books. This book can be read as a standalone. Elise created a unique and intriguing world for these characters. It was quite an enjoyable read. It was a sweet and spicy book. It had LOL moments.Both characters here are troubled with a past they need to get over and move on. But their luck has it that a possible bond may be what pushes them in the right direction. I loved the whole bond thing, it is romantic in its own way. All around a great bookI look forward to more of the LexTal Chronicles.