Friday, January 15, 2016

A Black Bug, A Red Bug by Mark Marker Blitz

Title: A Black Bug, A Red Bug
Author: Mark Maker
Genre: Childrens/picture books/rhyming
Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR
The highly anticipated debut picture book from Children's Author & Illustrator, Mark Maker.
"A paper book that's made from wood, a simple story to teach some good!"
A Black Bug, A Red Bug teaches kids that we all come in different shapes, sizes, and 

colors. It's okay to be different because different is cool!

Guest Post

A Day in the Life of a Children's Book Author
My two beautiful children are the reason I wake up every morning.
REALLY early.
Every morning.
It doesn't matter how late they stay up, they always know what time daddy likes to get up. Whether it's a gentle kiss to the cheek, 2 little monkeys jumping on the bed or a slobbery bulldog kiss, I bounce out of bed with a smile.
But I'm not just a proud daddy of two beautiful kids (plus one slobbery bull dog)  I am an author and husband to an amazing Romance author. So my day consists of a constant loop of games, cartoons, dancing, and changing diapers. But I always allot a few hours each day to what we call "office time". This is when I lock myself away in my office, surrounded by sketches and notes and drafts of various works in progress, and make my ideas come to life. I don't emerge until I have at least a few pages done; illustrations and rhymes perfectly laid out to my satisfaction. Only then can I finish my day with a smile on my face. We usually top it off with a great homemade family meal, some bedtime stories, and then step out of the world of cartoons and monster trucks with an episode or two of our favourite "grown up" TV shows. 

Mark Maker hails from the bustling province of Alberta, Canada. Growing up, he had always been drawn to all things art/design related and even had his own comic strip in the newspaper before he finished high school.
Years later, Mark has settled down in the beautiful, laid back Maritimes where he spends his days playing with his three amazing of which is an Olde English Bulldog that‘s too cute for words, while his nights are spent doodling and creating colorful, engaging children’s stories for all ages.
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