Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Prisoner of Prophecy by Casey L. Bond

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The only two things that seventeen-year-old Solara longs for, are the very things that she can’t have. True love isn’t an option when you’re told who to marry. Freedom isn’t possible when you’ve been held captive your entire life. 
Just when things in her life seem to be falling into place, she learns that she’ll never be free to live or love as she would like. She is a prisoner of prophecy. The dead have been resurrected to guide her. The fallen angels who prowl the Earth want to manipulate her. And the most frightening monsters of all are human. 
Can Solara love the one boy prophesied to betray her? Will she learn to embrace her destiny, or will she be crushed by the weight of the world on her shoulders

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I absolutely loved this book. Casey is a wonderful writer. This story starts off as one thing and changes into something completely different. I really thought it was going to revolve around the girls and the whole party like stuff, but no, not Casey. What starts off that way changed into so much more and I loved it. My fav characters are Solara and Riven. I do say the marking part was probably my fav part of the story. I loved how reading I can actually imagine being there and seeing it all take place. I am not a really religious person but I get religious vibes when reading and if I am right this is sort of a spin off something religious.  Definetely deserves all 5 stars it got!