Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Hollow by Yolanda Olson Review

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Jude McIntyre was born to fail. 

Her life was not something she would wish upon her worst enemy. A pretty, unloved girl she came alive again the moment when her mother died. 
But a devastating secret from the past is haunting her again.
She needs to find a way to keep the secrets safe inside of her like swore she would. 
When an idea forms in her mind to take her revenge on her past, she quickly puts it into play.
Unfortunately, the man that steps into Jude's world doesn't know 
the most beautiful face he's ever seen hides the darkest demons 
he'll ever meet.

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*please be advised of the warning if there is dark matter that is a problem for you reading*
A 5 star, wow thats f****** crazy book. A horrible messed up girl (she has some issues going on upstairs) gets to take out some revenge, and well I mean completely bat s*** crazy revenge. Jude finally met her breaking pint. I get close to the end and think the story is spelled out for you only to get another surprise! WOW! Knowing the stuff Yolanda writes I could totally see another book coming.. lets just say Adam.... And yea there are a few typos here and there but don't judge, they do not effect the story for me.
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