Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Agony by Yolanda Olson Review

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Neve Dutton leaves New York with the promise of stardom in her eyes. Never wanting to be in front of the cameras, she’s happiest following her career choice of being a director’s assistant. But when she lands a job at an adult entertainment company, she realizes that her dream job is really a nightmare. Tricked by her cousin, Adesynne, into working for the porn giant company Devil’s Den, Neve finds her days are full of awkward moments, stress, uncomfortable shoots, and wishing for nothing more than to be back home. Until she meets Arsen Caldwell. Arsen hides his secret from Neve for as long as he can and helps to get her transferred to another company where she lands a job with Jareth Vance of Golden Hills Media. Jareth sees a potential star in Neve, but she doesn’t know that her first starring roll could possibly be her last.

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Ok, I loved the twists! Yolanda writes some amazing and disturbingly good books! She can take any story and turn it into wicked awesomeness. From helping a director on the set of porn to well.. you need to read it and see what Nev will star in herself. It won't disappoint. "I was different now. I was going to become an entirely new Neve Grace Dutton...." I would so love to see what happens to Jessica.... hope there is another book to come.

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