Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Into The Light by Amy Manemann Review

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Nineteen-year-old Willa Devries is no ordinary witch. Born to a sacred race known as the lightkeepers, for centuries her lineage has been charged to carry out their time honored duty of holding the light of the world against the darkness. Willa’s twentieth birthday will mark the day when she comes into her full powers, a day she’s been anticipating forever. Only the rising darkness has become more powerful than anyone has ever seen, and with her birthday only a week away, Willa begins to question if she’s ready to feel the weight of the world on her shoulders. 

Braeden Mathiesen is a Guardian sworn and trained to protect the keepers of light. His life has been spent preparing for the day when he would be sent to aid Willa in her lightkeeper training. Yet upon his arrival to the sleepy town of Salem, Massachusetts, he quickly realizes he is unprepared for the extent of her incredible power--or for the woman who will steal his heart. 

The fate of the world lies in Braeden and Willa's ability to push past their feelings and learn to harness her powers, before the dark underworld rises up and covers the world under a blanket of darkness. Failure isn’t an option; the world depends on it. 
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This was a really good book. It was intriguing and I read right through it. It was hard to put down when I had something to get done but so easy to get right back into. The characters are all fun and interesting. You get a bit of a romance blooming and some action going on as well. My favorite quote would be "Where you find good, you will always find an element of evil. It's as the Goddess intended." "The Goddess intended for there to be evil in this world? She didn't think that one through very well" That sums this story up real well. I can't wait to see what comes in the next book in this series. There is so many things that could happen to any one of these characters it will be interesting to see where Amy Manemann takes it.

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