Monday, September 14, 2015

Triple Treat by EmmaLee Saunders Review

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Abby reluctantly wins a date with triplet models. The photo opp loses its photographer due to a snow storm and Abby and the guys are stuck in a cabin together for four days. 

They pass the time with more fun and games than were originally on the menu and Abby ends up getting a triple treat and a whole lot more.

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Is book at a local signing where I got to meet Mrs Saunders. I tell you this is really a delight to read. Abby is a fiftyish woman whose love life is nothing more than the romance books she reads. Her luck has it she gets to spend the weekend with three sexy brothers. Well thank you friend! Abby gets the weekend and ends up snowed in of all things. I will let your imagination work to guess how this plays out ;) 

For a first book it was a good one. Quite the fantasy I'm sure a lot of women have thought of at some point. This is a really steamy book. It flows very nicely and very easy to sit and read right through. What kind of party were these ladies at that this was the prize! I want to go. LOL. All around a good book with lots of hot sex! and 3 brothers! what woman wouldn't want to read this. Treat yourself to this triple treat.

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