Saturday, August 22, 2015

Teach Me To Prey by Samantha Jacobey Review

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Jason Truitt had always heard that the last year of high school would be the best one of his life; no one ever told him it could be the worst. 

Jason and his best friends, Alex and Mark, had enjoyed some good times over the years, most of them at the expense of others. When they set their sights on destroying Rebecca Stewart's career, they vowed that nothing would prevent them from bringing her down. 

When things get out of hand, their young and gentle teacher decides to take matters into her own hands. The sparks fly, and when one of the boys turns up dead, Becky becomes the police's number one suspect. 

Will she convince them of the truth, or will all three of the boys fall victim to the real killer? 

Find out in the action packed thriller... 

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A murder investigation and Becky the teacher is prime suspect. This was an interesting and intriguing short read. Becky's students push her and her pleas fall on deaf ears. Does she take matters into her own hands or is something else going on? I was fascinated with the mystery going on here and wanted to know what was going on!

I love Samantha Jacobey always writes something different. Never know what she will come up with next. They are always good books.

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