Wednesday, August 5, 2015

My Step Obsession Daily Feature - PULSE: A Stepbrother Romance by Sarah Sparrows


When Mom married a wealthy man, life changed forever. We moved straight into the biggest house on the hill; no more worrying about food, all the books I could possibly read, and even a perfect beachside villa down in Pensacola. 

But there’s always a catch... I call mine Sawyer

I could never stand that selfish, cocky prick. He was the complete embodiment of arrogance. I only barely put up with him because he was so attractive…and when he abandoned us, I knew that I’d never, ever forgive him. 


I always lived in the moment. I hated looking back. Sure, that brat was fun to wind up. I loved the control, the power, and the dominance…at least, until I realized that I was madly in love with her. 

My control? Gone. My impenetrable heart? Weakened. 

I needed to suppress them feelings, so I left. I hardened myself in the underground cage fighting circuit, and now I’m prepared. At least…I’d better be. Because our folks are leaving for the summer, and they want me to play bodyguard... 

I'm so f*cked. 

When the heartbroken girl is reunited with the cage fighter with a mysterious past, tempers will flare – but passions just might, too. Please enjoy this standalone HEA romance debut from Sarah Sparrows – without a cliffhanger!