Sunday, August 9, 2015

My Step Obsession Daily Feature - Fade Back (A Stepbrother Romance Novella) by Stephanie Brother

Any way you slice it, Becka Treadway is one hell of a sexy girl, drawing stares wherever she goes. Eager to complete her looks with a daring tattoo, she hurries on perfectly sculpted legs to her appointment at the tattoo shop, unaware of the surprise that awaits her there. 

The popular and gorgeous Becka lives her life to the fullest these days. Glad her days as a computer geek are in the past, she has embraced her new lifestyle to the extreme. Partying is the name of the game for her now, at the club where she works as a promoter, and where everyone loves her. 

A perfect life for a perfect girl. Well, it would be except lately, it seems she's missing out on something, the end of each day leaving her feeling empty. She can't pinpoint what's bugging her, though, and she'll never admit she's anything less than happy. In an attempt at vamping up her image, hoping it will brighten up her days and nights as well, she decides to get a tattoo, since that's what all of the cool girls at the club do. 

That's how she meets Fitz Dixon, a renowned tattoo artist, and for the first time in months, it feels like she's met someone real. Becka can't stop falling for him, and she can't help herself from smiling all the time now, the stupid drugged smile of a girl falling hard for possibly the first real man she's ever met. 

Fitz, though, is hesitant to jump into things initially, but the two can't resist each other and dive head first into a whirlwind romance, hearts bared and arms open. However, after their first date, Becka finds something on Fitz's phone that stops her cold and makes her bolt from his place without an explanation. 

That's how it should have ended. But crazy in love doesn't always lead a girl to do the wise thing. After much turmoil and soul-searching, Becka knows that she wants Fitz back, and that she's going to give it everything she can to make things work with the low-voiced drifter who sees life in such bright colors, burning with a fire that warms Becka’s very soul. Their hardship defines their love, and neither Becka nor Fitz wouldn't diminish it for all the world.