Thursday, August 20, 2015

My Step Obsession Daily Feature - Homecoming: A Stepbrother Romance by Tara Lynn

I'm supposed to be the smart girl. In my little town, smart girls do one thing: They get out. 

What they don't do is fall for their damn stepbrother. 

I thought he was just a stranger rescuing me from a bar scuffle. A stranger with eyes like cobalt and a slick grin on his gorgeous face that had me ready to do anything. 

That was, until he told me his name: Damon Carter. 

As in, long lost son of Lorne Carter, the bane of my existence. Not just because he's the President of the Liberated MC. Because my mom married him three years ago. 

Which means I just got wet for my stepbrother. 

All I want to do is forget it ever happened. It seems so possible, until Lorne has Damon move in with us. Now he’s just across the wall from me, lying there in an empty bed. A bed he’s made clear he’s more than willing to share. 

He tells me he's back to fix the Liberated, to fix this town. Even still, he’s wrong for me in so many ways. I need to keep reminding myself that. 

Cause if I don't, if I set my desires free...I might find I’m still ready to do whatever he wants.