Wednesday, August 12, 2015

My Step Obsession Daily Feature - Stepbrother Aflame by Charity Ferrell

I want to kill my new stepbrother.
He's an asshole, he's arrogant, and he can't stop talking about sex.
And he has blackmail on me. 

Addison Andrews is the epitome of a good girl image. She follows the rules to a tee, never coloring outside the lines, in fear she'll ruin her future. But a girl can't always be perfect. There's one rule she's breaking, one lie she's keeping hidden, and she gets busted red handed by him. 

Zeth Thomas made a mistake that resulted in him having to move across the country for six months. His plan is to lay low, do his time, and then book the first ticket back home. But she wasn't in his plan. He wants to push her buttons, break her out of her shell, and drag the bad girl out. Then he wants her to fall into his bed and have his way with her. 

They say it's only temporary, but what happens when they want more?