Wednesday, August 26, 2015

My Step Obsession Daily Feature - Taken by Michaela Adams

He owned the streets. And now he wanted to own her body.

Antonio Del Marco, head of the notorious and feared Del Marco Clan. Notorious gangster. Infamous mob boss. 

And, as Emma Harper quickly learns, her stepbrother. 

Emma had grown up an orphan, heartbroken over the emptiness of having no family to call her own. Then one day a mysterious letter arrives, hinting at her true origins. Stunned and curious about finding potential family, she answers the letter. 

Except now, she wishes she hadn’t. 

Because now she knew the truth. The lethal and brutal Antonio Del Marco was her older stepbrother and now as a Del Marco herself, she fell under Antonio’s command. She now had obligations as a Del Marco to fulfill which included being married off to a complete stranger. Protest as she might, Antonio was going to make damn sure she did as she was told. 

He was going to make her bend. She was going to fight back. 

The spark was lit. The fire had caught. 

Who would burn?