Sunday, August 23, 2015

My Step Obsession Daily Feature - Rebel by Evelyn Glass

He’d been the last memory April O'Hara had of Cascade Falls--the last mistake she'd made. But she'd be a liar if she said he wasn’t the best damn mistake of her life.

For as long as April could remember, Van Palmer had been the guy she was taught to stay away from. He was a jerk. A cocky, arrogant, womanizing jerk, who spent most of his time cutting classes, skirting the law, and tearing up the road with his Harley. 

Yep. A jerk. 

A jerk with a killer body, an irresistible face, and a smile that could charm the panties off Mother Theresa. 

A jerk whose arms and bed she fell into on her last night in Cascade Falls. 

A jerk whose father is about to marry her mom. 

A jerk that she can’t ever get out of her life… 

... and a jerk that she's not entirely sure if she wants gone.