Saturday, August 8, 2015

- Caught in the Middle by Mila Loveline

Vanessa Villarreal has everything a girl could ask for—but she’s starting to realize she wants more than she should. Thanks to a mother more concerned with her status than her daughter, Vanessa’s alone in her stepfather’s mansion often. As her mother grows more distant, Vanessa learns to rely on the two people who’ve been there for her over the years—her stepdad and his son. 

Together, the men have shown her what it’s like to be loved. Apart, she’s formed strong bonds with each of them. She’s always looked up to them, but now that she’s eighteen, the men are looking back. And they can’t ignore the truth—she’s no longer a child. And their teasing is no longer innocent. 

When her stepbrother comes home from college for the weekend, she finds herself alone at the house with the two of them—and temptation gets the best of her. Will they make her choose? Or can she be the girl of both their dreams? 

Caught in the Middle: A Stepfather/Stepbrother Love Triangle is not a romance. It's an erotic short story about forbidden relationships between stepdad and stepdaughter, and stepbrother and stepsister. It contains graphic sex including menage, anal and bareback. It can be read as a standalone with an ending. 18+