Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Bothered by Jessa Jacobs Review

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“You do know you’re trespassing, right?” 
“I’m not trespassing.” 
He quirked one eyebrow, the challenge clear. Then he looked pointedly at my chest again. 
I crossed my arms. “My mother is married to the owner of this ranch.” 
His eyes widened. “Is she? How nice for you.” 
With a cocky grin, he tossed my shirt to me, but didn’t look away. “I’m crushed you don’t remember me, Sis.”

It was one of the most humiliating moments of my life. It was supposed to be private here, but I’d been caught sunbathing nude. 

The hot cowboy got a much better look at me than I got at him, but it didn’t matter anyway. He was off-limits. I’d just met my stepbrother after ten years of avoiding the hateful brat. 

During which, I guess we both grew up.

Bothered is Part 1 of Irrationally His, a novel presented as a 5-part serial. Recommended for mature audiences 18+ due to sexual content. 

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I enjoy a good serial series. This one promises to be really good and super hot! I enjoyed the 1st part. They have chemistry going on but butt heads at the same time. I think they rather enjoy getting each other all riled up. And this stepbrother book is about a cowboy!! I love cowboys. I am curious to see where things go with these two. There are a lot of questions left after reading the beginning to the series. 

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