Friday, July 31, 2015

The Consequence Of Secrets Part 3 by Eve Cates Review

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Part THREE of FOUR, Eve Cates brings you her most forbidden romance so far...

A married woman. A devout man. Both have taken vows. Both will break them. 

When new priest, Braden Daniels, meets his new congregation, he can't help but notice the beautiful young woman with the downcast eyes. There's something about her that calls to Braden, and he assures himself he just wants to help her - to find out what has her looking so melancholy. 

Each day she prays, and each day he tries to talk to her. She resists until eventually she doesn't. 

It feels good to talk, and Emma Walker can't seem to stop once she starts. Slowly, Braden begins to learn everything that troubles the beautiful Emma - he learns her secrets.

And with each passing day they grow closer, until they have a secret of their own. 

But all secrets have consequences... 

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I totally love this series and can't wait for the next part now and at the same time don't want it to come cause it is going to end! We know Gabe is a dangerous guy. Well Emma pushes him and he snaps. She hasn't been hospitalized from him yet because he doesn't want people to know about the going on in the house. Well that all changes. I love the relationship that is blooming between Emma and Braden.
Braden believes that god led him to Emma to help her, the consequences along the way don't matter anymore. Nobody else noticed anything wrong before he came along. The cliffhanger!! omg I need the last part now!

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