Thursday, July 2, 2015

Seeking & Swinging in Paradise Bundle by JW Snootz Review

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The Best Selling Paradise Series in a Bundle 2 Great Books OVER 500 Print Pages at one great low Price!! 
Seeking Paradise (A Paradise Series Prequel) **Contains Exclusive Bonus Material!** 174 Print Pages 

The Crew, as they now call themselves, were once no more than a scattered group of strangers, separated both by distance and societal expectations. Before these sexy friends found each other, they were just like the rest of day-to-day and Seeking Paradise. This is the story of how each of the Crew found love, the lifestyle, and the enduring friendships that brought them all to the island of Beora West and changed their lives forever. This is your chance to see what their lives were like before they were Swinging in Paradise. 

**Includes Epilogue, Deleted Scenes, and even an alternate ending from Swinging In Paradise** 342 Print Pages 

What do you get when you drop eleven sexy friends in the middle of the ocean on a pristine private beach with a seemingly endless supply of cocktails? The Crew, as they lovingly refer to themselves, is about to find out. The group has grown close over the years, both in, and out of "the lifestyle." After six months of drudgery since their last outing together, they are more than ready for their next great sexual adventure--The island of Beora West. 

After the initial buzz wears off, their curiosity gets the better of them and they set off to explore the island. What they find is nothing short of baffling, but there are some secrets even the untamed jungle around them can't hide. When one of them disappears, it becomes clear things are not what they seem. Who is behind the hidden agenda that brought them all to Beora West? What happened to their friend...and what dangers lie beyond the barricaded north shores? 

What the Crew finds is more than they bargained for, but what they lose may be too much to endure. 

WARNING THIS BOOK MAY CONTAIN MATERIAL YOU MAY FIND OFFENSIVE! There are multiple erotic scenes containing: FFFF, MMFF, FMFM, etc... if you find same sex relations, partner swapping, or bisexuality in anyway offensive you may not wish to purchase this book.

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This is a great deal. So the first book Seeking Paradise you get to meet all the characters. This one was a real slow start for me. I am not sure why either. It is a very appealing story and love that you get to see how everyone meets. On to Swinging In Paradise. WOW this one is a full of complete hotness. I was able to be more into the second book. The sex is really hot. Makes you want to find some friends and a island all to your own and have some major fun. This one was a page turner and couldn't put it down. I would love to see more to come from these characters. 

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