Friday, July 3, 2015

Gwendolyn vs. the Band of Barren Hearts by Mary E. Palmerin Review

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Monsters. They don’t hide in your nightmares. They steal you away from the good life and prevent you from living your dreams. 

That’s where 17-year-old Gwendolyn Fitzpatrick found herself; surrounded by wicked fiends after everything she thought she had was gone in the blink of an eye. She was shuffled away with one bag of memories miles away to a pair of foster parents that hardly had her best interests at hand. Forced to obey and listen to her caregiver’s commands, Gwendolyn buries her old self and focuses on the pain to become one of them. 

A monster herself to seek vengeance. 

While yearning for her teeming point to come, Gwendolyn starts to connect with another 17-year-old foster boy living with her who calls himself Welch. Just when Gwendolyn starts to feel faith splice its way through the venom of pain, the connection she has with Welch is put in jeopardy as the harshness gets worse with each passing day. 

Will the two tattered spirits make it out alive?

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I have to say I have read some dark tales but this may be the most twisted so far, and yet it is a story I pushed on and kept reading. It is a beautifully written and horrific at the same time. It is not a book for everyone. We say monsters are not real, and tell our kids, and they grow up not fearing them. Yet monsters are real, so very real. People choose their path in life and others are forced into it.

"He sees me like this, tragically f*ed up, yet lovable just the way I am."

The things these two are forced to do. These are things that will haunt you. They can never be let go of. I was heartbroken for Gwen and Welch. Welch has had it bad for a very long time. Will they get free from the horrors they face? Can you really be free from it? This was a unique story. I am curious how things will play out for these two.

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