Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Consequence of Secrets - Part One by Eve Cates Review

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Part ONE of FOUR, Eve Cates brings you her most forbidden romance so far...

A married woman. A devout man. Both have taken vows. Both will break them. 

When new priest, Braden Daniels, meets his new congregation, he can't help but notice the beautiful young woman with the downcast eyes. There's something about her that calls to Braden, and he assures himself he just wants to help her - to find out what has her looking so melancholy. 

Each day she prays, and each day he tries to talk to her. She resists until eventually she doesn't. 

It feels good to talk, and Emma Walker can't seem to stop once she starts. Slowly, Braden begins to learn everything that troubles the beautiful Emma - he learns her secrets.

And with each passing day they grow closer, until they have a secret of their own. 

But all secrets have consequences...

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Eve has come to be one of my go-to authors. I love her forbidden stories. This one was no disappointment. Something way different in the taboo genre for me. A priest and a married woman. Emma, well she is living life in a lie. How do you get out of that, there is so much more than I would have guessed going on there. And the new priest Braden, I really like him. I am curious to see how far things can go and how far the boundaries will be pushed between them. Secrets are never a good thing to have. Lies and secrets can do so much damage. Reading the story, Eve writes in a way that it all comes together so well I just plow through it. In a short time can get a good feel for the characters. I get a connection while reading. Now to impatiently await part 2, cannot wait to see where this is going.

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